Abrasion resistant hardened steel washers

Unlike Xylan® coated isolation washers, the new Diamond-Hyde™ coated HCS Washers are much more abrasion resistant and stronger dielectrically than the older generation isolation washers. Long life and superior electrical performance are dependent upon an impermeable, electrically resistant coating. Diamond-Hyde™ coated HCS Washers provide both with the addition of a very chemically resistant barrier. The isolating washer can be the weakest link in a flange isolating kit. By using Diamond-Hyde™ coated HCS Washers, the washer is virtually impervious to cracking, chipping or scratching. The Diamond-Hyde™ coated HCS Washer has passed API 6FB fire testing.

To order, please call: +1 303 988 1242

  • Diamond-Hyde™ - Exceeds 2000 hours in 5% salt spray with no noticable effect
  • Xylan® A - Medium red rust 20% coverage after 1800 hours
  • Xylan® B - Medium red rust >15% coverage after 1200 hours
  • Color - Tan
  • Max. Temperature - 425°F / 218°C
  • Min. Temperature - -50°F / -45°C
  • Dielectric value (ASTM D149) - 540VPM
  • Water absorbtion - (ASTM D570) - .01-.02